Fun, boring, questions, long, short, hurried, loud, quiet, calm, early, outside, tired, late, coffee, gaming, inside, hyper, sugar, stains, fights, treats, university, love, books, dressups, yelling, running, what?, crying, smelly, clean, snacks, medication, foot stomping, scooters, explanations, pink, swimming, No!, homework, tablet pc’s, cartoons, blue, twisted truths, study, Yes!, kindergarten, walking, school, packed lunches, work, washing, chaos, laughing, answers, time, mess, toys, pets, chores, travel, hugs, together, family.

All of these and so many more describe a;

Kindergartner with a big smile and bigger attitude

Primary school student with heart of gold and love of cars


Parents with a major caffeine addiction who are just trying to get through the day


Combine it all together and you’ll discover just how quirky life can be.



Welcome to our chaos!