Who am I?

I am the mother who is teaching her children to look beyond the constructs of race, colour, culture, religion, gender, economics, and religion.

I am the wife who has learnt that in order to have a great marriage I need to both lean on and support my husband and no matter how much it stings we both need to remain open to honest communication.

I am the daughter who always strived to make her parents proud but is slowly learning that the  only person who needs to be proud of me is me.

I am the sister who will always dust off my siblings when they fall and push them forward when backwards is far more appealing.

I am the friend who will take your call at 3 am no matter the emergency, but will call you on your bullshit and expects the same in return.

I am the work colleague who always arrives with a smile and a positive outlook no matter how gloomy the atmosphere is.

I am the Masters student who is trying to better herself while fulfilling so many other roles.

I am Me and I am so much more than any these labels.



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