It’s amazing.

My husband decided to take our kids to his parents yesterday morning for a quick visit before our weekends are taken over by soccer. This isn’t what’s amazing, even though the fact that he took them without me is pretty awe inspiring in itself. What’s amazing is how glorious I feel after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, as I sit here and eat all of my eggs and coffee without sharing any of it with Miss 3, and listen to Spotify without the constant complaints of boredom, “I don’t like this song”, or “I’m hungry”. These few very simple, and often taken for granted, things have left me feeling like I could take on the world today.

It is the most indescribable¬†feeling to wake up and not feel as though you only just went to bed even though you’ve been in bed for 7 hours, you just had to resettle the kids 3 times during the night. The fact that one of those times was at least an hour with Master 9 whose mind had once again convinced him that there were snakes, or ghosts, or weird Pokemon, or whatever the monster of the week is, hiding out in his room is of little consequence. To make a coffee, sit down to my uni readings and not feel as though I’m reading gibberish because I’m so tired I can’t actually comprehend a simple sentence is such a foreign concept that I can’t ever remember the last time it happened, bachelors degree included.

It truly is amazing how big an effect sleep can have on a person. I’m happy instead of grumpy and forcing smiles, I’m focused instead of scattered and forgetful, I’m slightly less caffeinated instead of tired and jittery as hell, and I’m excited for the day. Bring. It. On


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